Friday, September 12, 2008

Red sky at night -- no sailors delight

This couple takes a sundown levee walk last night on the Lake Pontchartrain south shore. The low clouds were spining past us and into the maelstrom of Hurricane Ike. They had an eery patena -- capturing light that had been filtered through several cloud layers and then reflecting off the lake.

The brisk wind made it a pleasure to walk in the the direction this couple was going. The return trip was the muscle building leg of the workout.

You couldn't be doing this today because the weather is a series of quickly passing squalls with tornado watches by the dozens.

It will be tapering off this evening as the action moves to the Houston area where Hurricane Ike is expected bully its way into shore. But already this morning, listening to the radio, there have been two or three emergency evacuations here of areas down by the Gulf -- apparently higher surges than were expected.

You can watch some of the tragedy unfolding in Houston from Hurricane Ike at I Do Not Like Ike

--steve buser


marie6 said...

I've been looking through your blog and I hope you are all ok and pray that you stay safe. It is terrifying!

Boise Diva said...

That's kind of a spooky skyline...a harbinger of things to come?

Columbo said...

That's a great shot, prays are with you. Hope the surge and tornados spare 'nawlins.

PJ said...

I photographed Pensacola Beach this morning and the waves aren't monsters but there is a lot of water coming ashore on the beach and all the way up into the bays. We also have a lot of wind but I don't think Ike will be as bad as Gustav was for us when we had tornado activity and watches for several days after. I hope you'll stay safe.

Halcyon said...

Oh goodness! I hope you are ok Steve. Take care of yourself and your wife and we hope to hear from you soon!

Beautiful sky, btw. It's strange how such beauty comes out of such fierceness.

Tommy V said...

beautiful picture the colors are just amazing.

babooshka said...

Outstanding. I hope you are Ok. W can not coprehend this type of wether in the UK.

Isadora said...

This photo is terrific, both in the colors you've managed to capture and the couple in the corner.

Hope land will be spared by Ike and the coming storms - I remember Galveston and Houston very fondly from so long ago when we lived in Bryan-College Station.