Saturday, September 13, 2008

Running Like the Wind

Near rain, nor floods, nor gale force winds will keep boys from enjoying the day. This trio of young men were enjoying a run on the lake front of Lake Pontchartrain which jumped the riprap barrier used to protect the levee from waves.

The boys are actually running on a paved bike path. The lake is usually about 100 feet out, just the other side of the barrier. The biggest push of Hurricane Ike's wind in the New Orleans area was sending water and waves to the northshore, but the southshore, a seen here, also got some of the surge.

If you look closely you can see two ducks on the water in the top center. They area laying very low in the water to keep from being lifted by the wind. At one point, the young men ran too close to the ducks and they lifted up to fly away. Two minutes later, flapping hard into the wind, they landed about 50 away.

The New Orleans area had several flooding issues to fight. Most people here had time to reflect. Their hearts, filled with memories of Hurricane Katrina, went out to the residents of Houston and Southeast Texas hit hard by Ikes fury.

--steve buser


Dan said...

Steve, love the pic showing the carefree joy these guys have.

Rambling Round said...

One of the last romps of summer!
Thanks for your excellent updates on Ike.

Kim said...

Thanks for this image, Steve. Kids have a way of making the best of things, don't they? The winds sound fierce and are friend to neither man nor duck. We folks far away from these storms continue to think of you and all the folks in the Gulf area and Florida as this season of storms rolls through. This can't be easy to face. Good to see the joy in the midst of surges.
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Snapper said...

Making the best of a bad situation, beautifully captured. I loved yesterday's image too. Cheers!

Columbo said...

Thanks for the photos and keeping us updated. Looks like Ike did its damage big time to the Texas area and parts of Louisiana. Thankfully New Orleans had minimal damage I believe. I can't imagine all the people without power in the Houston area, possibly weeks. Take care, Steve.

Laurie said...

Thanks for this life-affirming, warm-hearted view. I've been riveted to my TV since last night. My family is fine, but I'm just sick about all the devastation.

Thanks for all the updates, Steve. Your Ike blog has been a great source of info, too.