Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pelican packs perk my interest

Maybe it is just my imagination. Maybe not.

I have seen a lot more pelicans flying along the 24-mile-long Causeway bridge this year than I ever noticed before.

I think they ride the wind that the cars push off as they cruise by and the breeze naturally swirls up under the bridge My guess is it allows them to fly slower as they peer down looking for good eats. What I have noticed more of, though, is not the solitary pelican, but the flocks of them flying. These guys were flying along the bridge in a group of about 15 birds.

It may have something to do with the hurricanes and tropical storms that pushed them out of their normal habitats.

Interesting. It is small observations like this that get stored away in my memory and come back up when they tie together with some other new fact. Then, the "AH HA" moment occurs.

-- steve buser


Thinking Fool said...

Looks like an Alfred Hitchcock remake waiting to happen!

Kim said...

Thanks for this "pelican brief," Steve!
This was a favorite phenomenon of mine in the Marin Headlands north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I frequented a trail up there that went along a high bluff and would often encounter flocks of pelicans soaring on some sort of updraft right at the edge of the cliff, at my eye level. Cool that you have shared this experience, too. They are awesome birds to watch.
Hope this is a good week, and best to your son's family as their house is repaired.
Seattle Daily Photo

Laurie said...

Kim beat me to the punch with "pelican brief!"

Wonderful, uplifting (literally!) shot.

Tommy v said...

nice post. I enjoyed reading it..

Halcyon said...

Pretty! Hope they find something tasty. :)

Roadrider said...

I've always noticed more pelicans around the lake during the fall. They like to surf the updraft on the windward side of the causeway where then can glide along forever watching for fish.

babooshka said...

I have many static pelicans, and falpping wing pelicans, but alas none in flight. Well done they are awesome in flight.