Monday, June 11, 2007

Film crew

A couple of milestones passed that I failed to mention. First, this blog has passed the two month mark. This post makes number 62. Second, the blog had the 2,000 the visitor a few days ago. Thanks to all of you whose visits and a comments urge me on.

I have been posting shots that I saw around the city and some from my archives. In the next few weeks, I hope to do some special project.

Again, thanks to everyone for their help and support. On to today's post...

This was a film crew I shot from out my office window. They were doing this shoot at the foot of Canal Street between the Shops at Canal Place and Harrah's Casino.

The street car was a prop. It was disconnected from the electricity. As they did each take, they would push it up toward the camera. The actor (with the white cross on his back) would step off the street car saying his lines. You can see the the guy holding up the white cue card for him. They did several takes while I was watching. Interesting stuff.

Film is big in New Orleans and Louisiana. Special tax incentives have brought in dozens of filmings and has led to the moniker "Hollywood South."

Wikipedia list these films as some shot in New Orleans : Ray, Runaway Jury, The Pelican Brief, The Skeleton Key, Glory Road, All the King's Men, Déjà Vu, Last Holiday, Waiting..., Failure to Launch, Stay Alive, and more. The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau tallies over 30 movies released in 2006 that were filmed in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

'Laissez les film roulez", I say.

--steve buser


Judy Jeffcoat said...

Good Morning! I have been keeping up with your daily photos & really enjoy them. You are missed here in Texas!!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Nice photo. With all the activity outside of your office window, it must be hard sometimes to concentrate on work!

Karola&Pamp said...

In Wroclaw there are some film's shoots as well. There is some film about the war. I haven't got time for taking photograph right now (i've got a few exams soon) but I hope I'll take some.
Anyway Wroclaw doesen't play itself but some German city. And do you believe that Wroclaw played Berlin two times. ;)))

Maraï said...

Congratulations for your 2 months and 2000 visitors on this blog!
Keep posting nice pictures!
Maraï from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Motion picture production is a boring job for most people who are used to it. Your photograph is great because it depicts all of the people required to shoot one scene. I like your presentation today and also like reading what your wrote. It is all good.

I can tell you that television is very much the same as this. I sat at my assigned spot and did the talking and the presentations and there was three camera people in front of me. a studio director, and floor manager, and a person to hold the cue cards (then we used them too) and another person to keep pointing out the time used and the time remaining to be used. I have probably even forgotten several people.

Thanks for a nice post.

I have 1 baby raccoon today and a pile of poop!
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