Saturday, June 2, 2007

Storm, porches and growing up

Another of my favorite houses. I have a real love of porches. I have fond memories of the porch at our house when we grew up. It wasn't a covered porch or anything fancy. But it was a good launching point for my first attempts on a bicycle. Later it was alternatively a space ship, a pirate's galley, and a remote mountain top. It was the base for our kick-the-can games.

Those were the days before air-conditioning, when sitting on the porch while the house cooled was a family activity. It was a time for visiting with neighbors and making strong bonds.
I grew up in Wichita, Kansas -- so there were evening when you would sit on the porch and watch the threatening clouds swirl around -- holding out until the last minute -- when giant rain drops started hurling down and you had to get inside quickly. My memory was of how high those clouds were and how they ushered in that eerie glowing light.

This house is on my route home most nights. I have wanted to photograph it, but never got around to it --till one night, threatening clouds were swirling. They offered a great contrast for the new post-Katrina coat of white paint. It was so striking, I had to stop and shoot it. The camera couldn't capture it all -- that coolness that blows out of a rain cloud, the "smell" of approaching rain, and the sense of darkness during the day.

Are you a porch afficionado?

--steve buser


lv2scpbk said...

1st thanks for visiting my blog.
I understand why this is a favorite of yours. I love all those porches. Depending on your mood you could pick which porch you were sitting on for the type of view you want. I would love to have those porches. Amazing.

RamblingRound said...

Boy, this post really brings back memories! The porch on the house where I grew up was similar to this one...only smaller. Part of it was screened and had two electric overhead fans, a swing, a hammock and an overhead light. We spent many summer evenings there playing games and having refreshments before bedtime. During the day, we children used it for a "hospital" and whatever else our imaginations created. I tend to feel sorry for the kids today who stay inside playing video games.

Dan said...

wow. that is a wonderful shot. Thanks for sharing the memories.

TOG said...

I grew up with a large front porch that faced south and east to capture the prevailing wind coming off the the ocean that is six miles away. Our old house had cross ventilation. When all of the windows were open the breeze cooled the entire house. The exceptions were the bathrooms, they had only one window. Our porch was screened to keep the mosquitoes out. We lived on the porch more then the living room. If you drive by our house today you will notice that our windows are usually open. Most of our neighbors keep the windows closed and run the AC.

Dsole said...

oh man, this is soooo amazing! i really like the contrast between the house and tha dark sky!!
Nice one!

Nathalie said...

Wonderful wonderful post!
Both for the dramatic and beautiful post, and for sharing your childhood memories. Very moving.

No porches in France.
Many Australian houses have them - or HAD them I should say, as they tend to disappear in new designs..

I like them.

Zsolt said...

this house is really beautiful!

Wilf James said...

Great photograph. Love porches but we certainly did not have them on any houses in my native Scotland.

Sitting on a porch chewing the fat certainly appeals to me.

jeremy said...

i like the composition, the sky and this house.