Thursday, June 28, 2007

Porch pendancy

I'm back on porches today. That is, I'm not on the porch, I'm talking about them. But you understood.

The wrap-around is one of my favorites. Big, spacious. The large overhang, that allows you to get easily around someone in a rocker. This is the kind of porch that invites rockers. Plenty of them. The swing at one end is almost a requirement.

It's the kind of porch where you hang out on a rain night. The smell of the rain and misty breezes on your cheeks. The banging of thunder, the clap of lightning doesn't scare you in.

It can be a solitary recluse or a place for sitting and visiting and catching up on things.

Have to admit this porch is a little too angular for me. I like the curved porches. More of a craftsman thing. Built by someone who wasn't just building a structure, but knew he was building a way of life for a family.

I've been thinking hard about doing a web site on porches. The best porches of New Orleans.
Been looking as I drive around, making mental notes. Driving down streets I don't usually take.

Don't know if I can take on the extra load. Doesn't have to be daily though.

Maybe I'll just muse awhile.

--steve buser


IamtheMom said...

That is the most beautiful house I have ever seen!!! Will you buy that one please so that I can come visit!

Sally said...

That is absolutely beautiful - would love to spend days on that verandah.

RamblingRound said...

Ah, the memories! I grew up in a house with a curved, wraparound porch. We had a swing under the cupola, a hammock, rockers, hanging baskets, the works!

Marie said...

Very beautiful house. Great photo. Do you work on your photos?

zannnie said...

nice write up about porches :)

thanks for your comments at

alice said...

I do like your pic. And your words too.

NorthBayPhoto said...

I agree, porches are a wonderful thing, though you don't see them on many houses now. Seems most people's house are focused on the backyard and not the front.

Great photo.

Lavenderlady said...

some day I want a house with a porch just like this!

Zsolt said...

its really a beautiful house..with great porch!

Anonymous said...

I think neighborhoods went down when the newer homes were built (ranch and other styles) without front porches. People stayed out back and never get to see their neighbors. We used to sit on our front porch and talk to neighbors who walked by. It was a way to stay in touch.

I love porches and spent many hours on my friends front porch during the war years. His father was working in the defense industry so they always had money and he spent some of "comic" books and that was a big attraction. Lots of us ended up on his front porch to read his comic books.

Nice post.

Abraham Lincoln
Tiger Swallowtail

Marie said...

It's certainly a very beautiful house.

I wrote a comment yesterday but as it does not appear I guess I clicked on the wrong key.....