Monday, June 25, 2007

Sail Dog

This dog was taking his owner out the the other day for an excursion on Lake Pontchartrain.

He's got his keen eyes on, staring along the channel and catching some of the breeze.

Oval-shaped Lake Pontchartrain is a very popular sailing place. The lake is the second largest saltwater lake in the country. It is about 20 miles across south to north and I wculd guess 50 miles east to west. It sits just north of New Orleans and divides the New Orleans metro area.

It's a real favorite for sail dogs.

-steve buser


isabella said...

I can see why ;-)

My dog loved the river - but then again, which golden retriever doesn't ;-)

I added an update to my post to explain about the caged lanai, but I guess you would know all about that!

Curly said...

He looks like a happy pooch Steve, and your ducks are reminding me of the awful weather here. Rain and floods, but you know how that feels.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photo Steve. I like the look on the dog's face.

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Brookville Daily Photo

NorthBayPhoto said...

Bet the little guy loves being able to have his whole body out in the breeze (instead of just his head sticking out a car window). But he might get too excited and get in the sailors way (at least it looks in the photo that he gets under foot sometimes).

Great shot!

Tara said...

That doggie looks like he's ready to go swimming! With his spots, he looks like he's part Catahoula.

Sonia said...

I like this photo. The dog looks adorable!

Karola&Pamp said...

Hello again after short absence.
This and previous photos, especially sunsets are, how usually amazing.
About the dogs and lakes, my dog love water. He can swim, and swim, and swim...;))) But he can't sailing yet. ;D

Z said...

I really like this photo! Sail dogs, how nice!