Friday, June 8, 2007

Reflecting on Mardi Gras

I caught this shot at a Mardi Gras parade as a band marched by. To the lower left you can see part of the band. In the center is the crowd lining the parade route. You can see one of the mansions along St. Charles Avenue at the top, middle. The picture is reflected in one of the band's tuba's. Throw me something mister.

Sorry -- this is the time of the year when the glow of this year' Mardi Gras fades and it's a long time to next year's (Feb. 5 -- a very early Mardi Gras) and everyone starts dreading the wait for the biggest party on earth.

If you've got a bent to come, this could be one of the best years -- crowds should be nearly as big as pre-Katrina. Wouldn't be surprised if they were bigger this year. Hotels book up early, you have to plan far ahead.

One of the problems with a February 5th Mardi Gras is all the parades and Mardi Gras balls that precede the big day. There are few weekends between the first of the year, and only so many halls for holding the balls -- everything get squeezed in -- sometimes that can cause some hard feelings when people have to move their event or share their date.

--steve buser


RamblingRound said...

A great way to portray the party!

DS2944 said...

Whaow ! Quel effet !

isabella said...

Fun photo - very apprioprate for the subject ;-)
Lessez les bon temps rouler!