Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Watch the house reappear

When you're renovating your house, you sometimes find more problems than you wished.

You may wish your house would disappear. The magicians come in. Drape your house. Poof. It's gone.

Or at least your problem disappears. This is a treatment sometimes used for termite treatment. Cover the house and use gasses to rid the pesky critters.

That was yesterday morning. Below is yesterday evening. Prestidigitation. Suddenly magically before your eyes, the house reappears. Say the magic word.

--steve buser


Anonymous said...

My son who lives in Florida has to have that done about once every two years. Or he did. I guess they keep reappearing. It is not cheap either. An expensive proposition for the luxury of living in the tropical zones where hurricanes and floods occur rather often while bikini clad girls and old ladies who shouldn't be clad in anything shorter than a housecoat with buttons strut about looking for attention.

I think your series was magical. I like the photos.

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Roadrider said...

They also use the same tenting method to eliminate mold using chlorine dioxide. I suppose the termites don't much like that either, though.

Carraol said...

Sure is a kind of magic, great post!

IamtheMom said...

"Prestidigitation"- You sure have an art for creating magical words!!! I guess that's how you gave Sullivan your eyes and went through genetics- magic! Is that the word you used to do it?