Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Clay fired sunset

Heightened awareness
The high spot. The mountain. The view from above. It has played a central place in literature and religious works all the way back in time. It is a place of meditation, of inspiration of enlightenment. Certainly, on high mountains, looking down clouds that others look up to gives a sense of seeing things in a a different way. The thin air gives a feeling of lightness. And in olden days, just getting to that high mountain top, was a stress that sent endorphins cruising through ones veins.

But, there is on thing that I think many people miss -- the sunset is just different from high places. The sun has to slip further below the horizon to hide. With fewer obstructions, the sun can paint brighter and longer lasting colors on low and high clouds.

Certainly, here, above the high downtown buildings in New Orleans, the sun was using some new found brushes and pastels to do a yellow and adobe masterpiece.

--steve buser

Lagniappe -- (a little something extra)

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Wanda said...

You've done it again. Just captures God handiwork in a magnificent way. Love your special.

Pixel Eyed is just stunning!!

Ioanna said...

Sooooo beautiful pictures, both of them! Thanks!