Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Twinkling walkways

A thousand points of light
One more look at all the magic at the the Celebration in the Oaks at City Park, this holiday season. The dazzling display covers the Botanical Gardens and more. We were at the event Sunday night and there was a large crowd wandering through the newly replanted gardens all asplendor with lights by the thousands.

--steve buser

Lagniappe (a little something extra)

It's getting late. The sun is sliding from the sky. The road is getting longer. Up ahead the bridge at Whiskey Bay rises straight into the sun... what's left of the sun.

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Rich said...

What an intriguing, atmospheric image...
Planet Earth Daily Photo

photowannabe said...

Steve, your lighting and shadows create a wonderful picture for the holiday season. I really like this.

Wanda said...

Your light show is every bit as good as the light show at Disneyland!!
Thanks for the tour :)