Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fascinated with the flash and splash

Reflecting, pool side.
Fascinated by the light of the fountain, and the fish swimming around, this youth takes a reflective moment before continuing on the tour of the light of the Celebration in the Oaks at City Park in New Orleans. The holiday season tours attract huge crowds to wander through the newly replanted Botanical Gardens.

--steve buser
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WhatChaGot? The seagulls know the rules. They're zooming in close to check it out. "WhatChaGot?" Then bring it.

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Dan said...

Another great night time photo Steve. You are doing an wonderful job with the new camera and I reall like the warmth of the light.

ro_pumpkin said...

very interesting capture . great eye for a nice portret . well done .

Wanda said...

It's great to see a youth in quiet reflection! Nice Nice picture!

roentarre said...

I love your first shot. The expression and mood well caught

Moi said...

he seems to be in a world of his own!!!! candid capture

Suzi-k said...

ah, the sweet innocence and enthusiasm of youth!
thanks for the visit, love you photos. New Orleans has always been high on my wish list of cities to visit, it seems fascinating

photowannabe said...

Great candid shot. I like the warm light on his face. Really nice.

Sandy said...

I've got to bookmark you to come back here. Love your photos. Excellent.