Sunday, December 9, 2007

The different forms of light

Pelican pole vault
A pelican decides he's had enough of those land-bound lamp post along the pier at Mandeville's Sunset Point park. The pier is a favorite spot for fishermen and for just gawking out over the lake.

--steve buser

(a little something extra)

You're going no where today. Let you mast wiggle their reflections in the harbor. It's going to a be a day on land.

Today in Pixel Eyed.


Marie said...

Très joli. The lamps seem to be dancing with the bird.

Wanda said...

Such an interesting photo. I had to keep looking at it...I agree wityh Marie..looks like dancing.

Lara said...

simply wow.

Jilly said...

I've missed several of your wonderful postings. this is wonderful. Just love it.

Suzi-k said...