Monday, December 31, 2007

White Christmas?

Its cool and sunny today. But last week was a different story. This is the view last week out of the outside elevator at Canal Place in New Orleans. The fog had lifted high enough only to show the bottoms of the tall buildings. There tops were lost in the low ceiling. I guess that's the closest thing to a White Christmas that were going to see around here (New Orleans).

-steve buser

Lagniappe ( a little something extra )

I guess that cutsy saying, "Have a Berry Merry Christmas" was true to life. Today on Pixel Eyed


Curly said...

Hmm...foggy bottom!

Very best wishes and a happy New Year to you too,

from South Shields Daily Photo

Jules said...

Warm tropical wishes for 2008 from Rabaul, to you in foggy New Orleans

Isadora said...

Hi Steve - not only did Budapest have a white Christmas, but it snowed enough all day that it is a white new year's eve - and very cold.

Wishing you and yours a very happy new year.

Wanda said...

Our New Years Eve, cold, and wet, but no snow here! Happy New Year Steve and Thank you for a year of delightful posts and narative!!