Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa's coming with his alligators, cher.

Dem gators, dey got funny names, eh?
It will not be long before Santa comes down the bayou in his skiff carrying toys for tout le monde. There will be his eight favorite alligators pulling him along. Now what you call dem gators? -- I can't never remember. Gaston? Boudreaux? I know dey got Pierre and Alcee, dat sure.

The scene is at the Celebration in Oaks at City Park in New Orleans where they have a a re-enactment in lights of the Cajun Night Before Christmas by James Rice Trosclair and Howard Jacobs. Ole Santa, he looks good all dressed up like a muskrat from head to his toes. Don't you think?

-- steve buser
Lagniappe ( a little something extra )

Okay. Here's the scenario. You take a large tube and spin it and then tell a bunch a kids to walk through to the other side. Instant body parts jumble, tumble.


Helen said...
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Helen said...

Santa with the alligators made me smile!

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tweeboowee said...

I LOVE IT!!!! what a cajun christmas....

Pat said...


It's so nice to see the Christmas scenes and signs in other locales!

Enjoy your Cajun Christmas!

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Moi said...

haha...did the alligators scarf down the "deer" old Rudolph???

Chris said...

Cajun Christmas! How delightful!!

Is that your grandchild in the other photo, Steve?

Kate said...

Hadn't heard of "The Cajun Night Before Christmas, but I'd love to see the whole pagaent. Also love cajun music--it's terrific.

Steve Buser said...

Chris, the boy hugging the red tube is indeed my grandson

NorthBayPhoto said...

Santa with gators! I guess he exchanges his reindeer when the snow stops!

Bucefalo said...

Gorgeous this picture, can I use it for mine season's greetings?