Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bonding time

The lakefront stroll
A casual stroll. A casual sunset stroll. A casual sunset lakefront stroll. Just mom and sun. Bonding time. Scene is the lakefront in Mandeville. You can see the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in the background. People coming home on the 23-mile bridge from a workday in New Orleans for more family time.

--steve buser

Did you ever notice that different shapes of people's space? Adults keep their hands in, their feet under them. Kids run with their hands flailing, hair blowing, and legs shooting forward -- today on Pixel Eyed

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Jen, aka ChinaMom2005 said...

Lovely shot. Love the silhouette of the mother and son.

Moi said...

now i wanna turn back the clock and go running with my mom in tow!!!! :)

Deslilas said...

Chinese shadows in front of a silver lake. Shining !

Mary Helen said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, kids have few restrictions but us oldtimers have lots - from arthritis to bad knees, hips and hands. It never seemed like golden years to me or to my wife.

I like your photos. The narrative is great.

Wanda said...

Bonding in any form is good, but a bonding time on the waterfront is extra special.

Very lovely picture.

dot said...

What a nice photo. Love it!

Isadora said...

...and the best things in life are STILL FREE! Bonding, private time, a walk along the lake. May we all enjoy more of the best things in our lives.