Sunday, November 4, 2007

Canned Duck

Can deed
Here's the handwork created by the group of workers in yesterday's photo from the Shops and Canal Place -- a duck made from canned food. It's part of Canstruction 2007 -- an event sponsored by the American Institute of Architects New Orleans chapter -- all of the food is afterward donated to the food bank

-- steve buser


Today on Pixel Eyed -- it's not the imagination that runs wild. It's the "real" world of make-believe -- plots, drama, actions, characters.

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Deslilas said...

Humanism may lead towards art !

Moi said...

phew!!!! i cant get 3 cans to stand on each other and look at this!!!!
I am still trying to figure out the duck part though.....

Moi said...

ok i got it..i got the beak of the duck and then i got the whole of it :DDDD

Wanda said...

How very clever!!! Good Job!

• Eliane • said...

Oh, I love this. It will be in NYC around Thanksgiving. Not sure if its local or if it is a travelling thing. I wnet last year and it was so much fun. Some of those constructuions are amazing.

floraladdiction said...

that duck is great! you make my day with pics of nola.