Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Riding the rays

Feather weather
A gaggle of geese scoop up the sparse beams at cloud level, just as the slips below the horizon. It's fall time and the geese gander from high as they make their way southward for the season.

--steve buser

It's Times Square, maybe the busiest piece of real estate in the world. It's the lights, the bustle and the pizazz. But behind the scenes? Well, it's here today on Pixel Eyed.


Jilly said...

What a wonderful shot - and I love the colour - and also that the birds almost echo the colour of the subject heading. All very artistic!

And wasn't and isn't Chorus Line a great show. Would love to have seen that in New York.

judyb said...

They look like the snowy egrets to me.

Wanda said...

They look like golden statues hanging in mid air!! Beautiful shot...Stunning!

Moi said...

time to head back home.....:)

Jules said...

Wonderful photo of freedom in the true sense!!!

Have been out of the loop lately so good to catch up with all your great photos. Congrats on your 200th - doesn't time fly when you are having fun!!!

I posted my Melbourne Cup hat especially for you - did you see it??

dot said...

I've only seen two this year and didn't have my camera either time. Nice picture!

Marie said...

Very artistic photo. I like it very much.