Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tested by time

The beauty of age
Weathered, whorled, writhing, worn, tortile. But, still surviving.
One of the oaks by the lagoon in City Park of New Orleans. In the upper right hand of the picture, if you look close, you'll see a flock of birds taking advantage of a barren branch to roost.

The oak was weathered long before the hurricane came through a couple years ago. But, the storm seems to have put its own imprint on weathered things. Kind of like bumping up the contrast on a picture to bring out the grain in a tree.

On another note... I want to wish you a very warm Thanksgiving, full of blesssings.

--steve buser

It's stuck on five o'clock and it's stuck on blue -- every shade you ever imagined and few you didn't -- azure blue, sky blue, clear blue, turquoise blue ...

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Anonymous said...

Really nice photo of that old tree.

Marie said...

Nice photo and great homage to mother Nature. I wish wrinkles were a plus in women too ;-))

Lynette said...

Interesting thoughts and photos, Steve. Thanks. It made see my own encroaching wrinkles differently.

Chris said...

Very nice post, Steve!

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. . .loved the seagull yesterda, too!

julia said...

Weathering the storm, Somewhat applicable to the nation? But we know your strengths and here's to them all.