Saturday, November 3, 2007


Food for thought
This team is building an elaborate structure from cans and food packages at the annual Canstruction event at the Shops of Canal Street in New Orleans. These innovative and creative structures are designed and built by various New Orleans architecture firms and schools. All food items are donated to Second Harvest Food Bank.

The event sponsored by the American Institute of Architects New Orleans chapter gave each team 12 hours to erect the can creations.

--steve buser


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More creations fun from today's Daily City Photo blogs.
bubble in bottles -- Bogar Daily Photo
Helicopters -- Chandler Arizona
New hat for Derby Day -- St. Kilda Today


GMG said...

Hi Steve! Terrible week. No chance to drop by, and look what I was missing... The blues and the old house pictures are great. The canstruction seems quite interesting!
Have a great weekend!

Felicia said...

Can't wait to see what they've made! Looks like they've gathered a nice donation so far.

Wanda said...

Our community does a "Can Tree" at Christmas that reaches many feet in the air, and then is given to the Salvation Army to feed the homeless.

Kekiinani said...

Wonder how it turned out. Sounds like a fun thing to do for a great cause. :) :) Haven't been blogging much of late but thought I would stop by to see what I missed. :)

Mike said...

Hi Steve, came over from Kerri's Blog. Loved flipping through your entries. My wife is New Orleans raised and born until I took her away. Her family is still there. Lots of memories in your pictures and a valuable service you are providing with your documentation of what is going on down there.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see the result of the can building.


Moi said...

i know, it would be so much of fun looking at the end-product!!!

• Eliane • said...

How cool: you saw them construct it!
I saw the opposite: one construction (the most beautiful one) collapsed. The next day, they was roses at the bottom of it, as if it was a memorial. Lovely. People were actually coming to see the collapsed one because it gave insight on how the whole thing was built initially.