Saturday, November 24, 2007

Skipping and skimming

Skimming the waves -- and the last rays of the sun on Bayou Lacombe. This unspoiled bayou is just north of New Orleans in St. Tammany Parish. We were out on a slow cruise up the bayou, when we caught site of this fisherman.

--steve buser

Don't tell. Nobody will know. The darkness will provide cover. After all, isn't it every boy's nature to know how things work.

But in the darkness, Paw Paw is running his own covert, sting operation.

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GMG said...

Hi Steve, sorry for having taken so much time to come back here, but these last weeks have been awful. Anyhow, arrived just in time to see some wonder pictures!
The Water and the Forest are both magnificent!
Have a great weekend!

Moi said...

when the weather's fine.....and there's plenty of sunshine :)

lovely settings, Steve.

HoodPhotography said...

Love the "waves"

Andrée said...

wonderful lighting in this photo, very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The light is really nice in the top photo.