Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pebble play

Shore survey
Let's assume they're sisters ( you may of course do otherwise) -- mom is letting them do a little shore exploring. They have to learn sometime, and today's a good day.

Wander among the rocks and pebbles, but keep an eye out for things hiding in the rip rap. Watch the currents flowing over and between the rocks -- it can get overpowering when a large wave washes up.

Stay close together. Enjoy the tasty things you find. Build your strength. Learn about your world. Mom's watching.

The scene is off the lakefront in Kenner, Louisiana -- just outside of New Orleans.

-- steve buser

Today on Pixel Eyed -- It was curiosity, plain simple curiosity. He wanted to see these high jumps up close -- feel them.


isabella said...

Just ducky ;-)

Bucefalo said...


Wanda said...

Adorable picture and great words of wisdom from Mother Duck!

Deslilas said...

Lovely twin sisters !

lv2scpbk said...

Cute ducklings.

Moi said...

:) and was that papa duck's commentary ???? cute :)

Andrée said...

Your commentary is wonderful accompaniment. You should write a book. Really.