Sunday, January 25, 2009

100-year-old traditions

I can't think of anything that more epitomizes the genteel New Orleans life that a light luncheon the porch of the Audubon Park golf course club house. Sitting under ceiling fans and gawking at an occasional golfer wandering by, it is easy to pass more lunch time that you had set aside.

The golf course features contoured fairways, four lagoons and exquisite landscaping on a par 62, 4,220-yard layout set among hundred year-old oak trees.

The park opened in 1898 --thus the hundred-hundred-year-old oaks including this glen sitting in between the club house and the lagoon.

--steve buser

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Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Beautiful picture Steve. I love the Audubon Park!

Holz said...

Sounds great! Is this open to the public? I'll be down there in March and I know my son golfs here and says it's so nice

gogouci said...

Beautiful post. Lush greens. Par 62. Like a dream come true.