Monday, January 19, 2009

Faux famous grandeur

I love the architectural details on the buildings in the city. This faux column piece is on the old Werleins building on Canal Street in New Orleans. Werlein was a noted record publisher (not all of that 'noted' was good -- read the history.) The store is now occupied by the storied and swank Palace Cafe.

I remember as a youth making Werlein's one of my stops on my frequent trips to Canal Street. It was just a big fabulous music store. .
I loved to wonder among all the grand pianos they had on display. The store closed in the beginning of 2003.

--steve buser

ps: Our son Charlie competed in the Houston Marathon this weekend. He started running marathons with his one, a year ago. He has a lot under his belt since then. See the account in my new blog : Southeast Texas Daily Photo.

-- steve buser

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Ken Mac said...

beautiful detail, Steve

Jon said...

Steve, like you I love the details to be found on buildings in New Orleans. I used to love just wandering around the French Quarter focusing on the amazing diversity of details just in the wrought-iron.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Wanda said...

The detail is exquisite!!

gogouci said...

I agree, beautiful detail.