Friday, January 23, 2009

Dormez Vous?

This penquin was standing very still. He even appears to have his eyes shut.  Maybe he was sleeping on the job.  Nonetheless, the kids had a lot of fun seeing him at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans.  We thought wewould be in there for a couple hours -- it was almost five hours later before we emerged to head down into the French Quarter.

Oh, by the way.   When I said the kids enjoyed it, several of those were packing on the years, if you know what I mean.

--steve buser

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photowannabe said...

Doing anything with the Grandkids can be fun. As the saying goes...time flies when you are having fun.
This is a great closeup of the penguin, sleeping on the job.

Virginia said...

What a great shot Steve. He is adorable. thanks for encouraging moi !

brattcat said...

What a beautiful creature. What a fine shot. Thanks, Steve!

charlotte said...

I love penguins -- thanks for sharing this shot. Doncha just love the aquarium?

Wanda said...

What a special treat that trip. The penguin is so beautiful, the feathers... up close... wow!

Ms M said...

An excellent shot! Your photos of birds are exquisite.
We saw penguins today, too, at the Boise Zoo. It was cold and rainy out and they were quite active, swimming and playing in the water. We don't have anything like the Aquarium of the Americas. I hope to visit it some day.