Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spying the spire

The French Quarter of New Orleans looks quite a bit different from above. This photo from the garage of One Canal place shows the rising sun burnishing the facade of St. Louis Cathedral. The Cathedral's huge face looks down on Jackson Square which you can't make out here. But the Cabildo sits on this side of the Cathdral. Seeming to jut out from there you can see the back side of the apartments that line St. Ann Street along Jackson Square. In the distant is the more residential area of the Quarter.

--steve buser

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gogouci said...

I really the effect you got. The view from above makes the city look like miniature model.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

The French Quarter looks totally different from this viewpoint! I love the photo!

Jon said...

Never have I seen a view of the St. Louis Cathedral taken from this angle and height....very interesting photo indeed...but I confess I like ones that show a perspective with part of Jackson Square and/or the unique streets of the French Quarter. But it is good sometimes to look at a familiar place from a totally different perch just to appreciate it even more.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Jilly said...

I would never have guessed this was the French Quarter of New Orleans. We are so used to seeing the shots of the beautiful old houses but taken at ground level. Most interesting.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Aw Steve! I have been waiting So Long for you to do a Sunrise photo. And here you do one of my Favorite places at that time of morning!
How many times we have gotten bignets and coffee to go from du Monde and gone to sit in front of the church to watch the sunrise.
You can really smell the river and the Quarters are so quiet.
What a beautiful photograph.
Thanks youz,
Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

brattcat said...

Beautiful shot, Steve!

Rambling Round said...

Great view, and the afternoon sun really highlights the cathedral.

Ms M said...

Striking photo of the cathedral!