Monday, August 13, 2007

Heat advisory -- stay cool

Time for all the hot jokes, because it's hotter than ever. Record temperatures in New Orleans and all around. Heat Advisories. Officially the temperature hit 99 degrees. My car thermometer disagrees with that. This is after I had been driving for 20 minutes, so it's not one of those temps you get when just start up your car after parking on concrete. Of course, I am driving on concrete and the Weather Bureau guys probably take the temperature in the shade.

I checked the weather bureau's climate statistics for yesterday and found this
WEATHER CONDITIONS                                           
No significant weather? It was hot enough to buckle the sidewalk!

By the way, it rarely hits 100 in New Orleans. The average high temp for August 12 is 91 degrees. That's because of the humidity -- it keeps the temperature lower. Although it does not make it "feel" any lower.

Lot of people on the Daily City Photo blogs are talking about the weather these days. Some even talking about how cool it is (remember these are all over the world). Thought I would give you a sampling -- (click the links to jump to their blogs)

yup, still raining... Zurich
More rain -- Port Villa,Vanautu
under the shady tree -- Chandler, AZ
Light -- Wichita, KS
thunderstorm rolling in -- Colorado Springs
Just A Sprinkle--Stayton
Coffee on a stormy evening-- Jacksonville, FL
Water wall at Vietcombank -- Saigon, Vietnam
storms brought welcome rain -- St. Paul, MN

Enjoy --

-- steve buser


Anonymous said...

Our weather, something like your weather, has been a nightmare. It has been way too hot and dry for three months.

I hope there is some relief for both of us.

I am also working on Features about why people comment on some posts and not others. You might find that interesting when it is done.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Rambling Round said...

Steve, you got a great capture of the thermostat! I agree. I think it is really hotter than the weather forecasters are revealing! I believe the official temp is recorded in a sheltered area, but when you are out in the sun and on the pavement, it's a whole lot hotter!

Jilly said...

I absolutely love this post! First the photo and then the commentary. We all talk about the weather and cutting and pasting with links is a great idea.

I remember when I lived in LA when I was 20, I recorded the radio saying it was 100 degrees. Unheard of for that little English girl, of course.

Olivier said...

ce qui nous fait plus de 40 degres, vraiment impressionnant.

what makes us more than 40 degrees, really impressive.

iBlowfish said...

During summer sometimes I don't completely agree with forecast about weather. More likely temperature more hotter than forecast predicted when you outdoor. I am glad that Cleveland so far haven't passed 100 degree yet.

isabella said...

"It's a hotter than a night in Vegas with three showgirls and a side of Habanero!" ;-)

Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Same thing is happening up here. We've had a couple of weeks of very hot and humid weather and my thermometers (not in full sun) always read several degrees higher than the weather report.

elsa said...

Bonjour, c'est bon à savoir. Quand j'irai à la Nouvelle Orléans, je choisirai un autre moment de l'année!
Bonne idée de poster aussi sur la météo, ça fait partie de la vie aussi!
Bonne soirée

Jules said...

You all need to come to the tropics!!! It is a pleasant 22 to 30 degrees in Rabaul everyday at the moment - well all year round actually!!!! Sorry we are metric and I've forgotten the conversion.

IamtheMom said...

They do record the temp in the shade. We got in my car yesterday, and it said 113!!! I thought, "Are you kidding God? What have we done? Surely the end is near." Oh well, thank God for air conditioners :) I miss you, and Sullivan made you more artwork for your office- this time not Dora the Explorer, but the Backyadigans.

Denton said...

I really like yesterday's photo ... Our weather has also been hot. In fact we reached 105 last week which broke all records. Also, we have the same challenge with humidity which New Orleans faces. So 105 was really hot.

Shek said...

thanks for your comments. It was built to sustain hurricanes. The floor boards can float away if the tide gets too high.

Emily Lin said...

Seems like the weather has been really hot everywhere. We have storms and rain after some super hot weather but I still really hate the hot day because I must carry an umbrella together with me everywhere.

Tara said...

YOW! I hope your A/C is fully functional - or that your car can navigate itself to the nearest shaved ice place ;)

Marie said...

Ouh la la that is too hot!!!!!

Neva said...

First, I love the temperature gague picture and second..thanks for sharing the other blogs. you are so good at this!