Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wave waiting

You've got little ritual's you do down at the beach, don't you. Spread out the towel, dip the toes in the water.

These guys have a pretty regular routine at the Mandeville lakefront on Lake Pontchartrain. They line up on the pier and wait for the waves to wash over their feet. Of course, the occasional wave will scare a few of them up into the air as it lurches at them. But there is always the brave feathery beast who wins that game of chicken.

Maybe this is the avian form of surfing. A way to pass a hot summer day.

--steve buser

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Chris said...

I often wonder what the heck the birds are thinking when they stand like taht near water. . . .Are they cooling off by having their feet in water, or are they just looking for lunch? Pleasure or business???

tweeboowee said...

i love just watching these guys...they're funny little guys aren't they...

Olivier said...

tres bon coup d'oeil, elles sont tres serieuses ces mouettes, on dirait la garde republicaine fran├žaise ;o)

very good glance, they are very serious these gulls, one would say the French republican guard ;O)

Moi said...

lovely cooling pic least sitting indoors it is ..outside it's crazy temperatures anyways!!!

read about govt. planning a significant improvement to NO flood protection system by 2011 in today's edition of NY Times: thought i'll share it with you


NorthBayPhoto said...

Very nice shot! Sometimes you wonder what must be going thru the birds heads as they appear to play at the beach.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.

Jules said...

great photo steve - were you lined up there in your bare feet with them to get it??

Now that would be a great shot!!!!

Hyde DP said...

Looked at a lot of pics today and this is one of my favourites - a very nice capture of a ritual bird-scene with water too.

• Eliane • said...

How fun! That would be my way of surfing too.

Tara's Talk said...

Beautiful photo Steve;) I bet it is a site to see!