Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pump it up!

The US Army Corps of Engineers and its contractor were testing the newly installed closure structure at the 17th Street Canal while I was in the area. I decided to run by an watch for a second. On the top, the test is just started -- the pumps (there are nine pumps on this side of the canal -- more on the other side.) slowly start to push water into Lake Pontchartrain.

Slowly, they turn on more and pump up the water flow. When a new pump and outflow pipe go into action, you see the sight below -- water and a lot of trapped air explode out of the pipe. Then it settles into a steady, massive flow. In the case of hurricanes, the gate can be closed so that no lake water can flow into the canal. The canal would then be emptied into the lake with these massive pumps.

It was the hurricane protection walls about 1/2 mile back up in this canal that failed in Katrina leading to massive flooding. This new equipment protects the walls of the canal from getting overloaded.

This is a vast improvement to the pre-Katrina abilities to get water out of the city and keep it out.

-- steve buser

Oh, sorry I've been down for a couple days -- we changed internet providers. But I'm back now.


Coltrane_lives said...

Steve, speaking of Hurricane Katrina...wasn't it two years ago today that it hit New Orleans and the Gulf coast? May it be a more peaceful end of summer this year for all.

Moi said...

whatever prevents a disaster of that scale from happening again is welcome!!! lately media has been giving New Orleans reconstruction program a lot of attention, i saw one recent issue of Time mag devoted to it and also an article in NY Times.....hope it all leads to better disaster management :)

• Eliane • said...

That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Lots of artciles about the anniversary in the NYT.
Let's hope this pump will not be needed anytime soon.

photowannabe said...

Thanks for showing us a positive action happening from the Hurricane. These pipes look like they will really help the situation.

Jules said...

Glad you are back!!!
What amazingly powerful dramatic shots - bet it is a great relief to you the people of New Orleans!!!!

Chuckeroon said...

I liked this photo. Very informative, and a nice "muscular" industrial image. Good luck to the hard working engineers and to the renewal of New Orleans

tweeboowee said...

thats a great shot of the water spewing. i can't wait to come back NOLA to visit to see how she's doing.

Lavenderlady said...

Thankyou for sharing these photos. I have been reading and hearing on the radio a great deal about "post Katrina" lately. I know there is no easy solution, but I like to see that something is being done.