Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jazzing it up

The Storeyville Stompers were blowing the roof off at a recent party we attended for our good friends Will and Mary -- celebrating their recent marriage. It was good ole, traditional, Dixieland Jazz and it sizzled.

--stever buser


Anonymous said...

Oh my and it had to be loud as it looks like it was in a living room.

Nice photo.

I hope you get to see my bird today.

Kate said...

Great photo in New Orleans tradition!!

photowannabe said...

Love the Dixie Land traditions. What a great way to celebrate a wedding.

Jules said...

I so love that music - it is just the best.

I have a musical instrument on my blog tomorrow that may well be the next big thing in jazz!!!!

lv2scpbk said...

Nice shot. I really like listening to that kind of music.

dr. filomena said...

Oh wow. I LOVE Jazz! Will be back to New Orleans for more someday, I'm sure! Keep on having fun!