Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Take the light taste test

I had passed this walkway lantern light several times before I really looked at it. I mean, how often do you really look at a light. Granted it is a retro kind of lantern, back when they had gas lanterns to light your path. But now-a-days they use electric lights in a replica. But look really close, it's not even a ordinary electric light. It's one of these new compact neon bulbs.

So I guess that makes this a replica of a replica. Some how, though, the curved neon bulb, to me, actually looks better.

Guess that says a lot about my tastes.

--steve buser

Check out this spectacular eagle photo. You rarely see pictures of eagles doing their daily chores.
Eagle Eye -- A Photo a Daily From Planet Earth


• Eliane • said...

It is a very pretty replica of a replica! You know, I have seen a few brownstones with lanterns still running with gaz. I guess it is a new chi-chi thing. And you just gave me an idea... :)

Wanda said...

I really like the looks of it...wish we had some like that in our town.

Moi said...

saves electricity tho' i too love the tungsten bulbs...