Friday, September 28, 2007

Non-endless summer

Where has summer gone? Even though the days still get up in the 90's periodically, you know that its gone -- just a fading few days.

Remember younger years, when the end of summer meant heading back to classes -- renewing old acquaintances, but, also each year taking on harder and harder studies.

The cool fall breezes blew in football games and school dances. I loved the cool walk to school before the breezes started stinging.

But each year, I would wonder how summer passed so fast. Why didn't I savor it more? Why didn't I do more?

Summer is a like a footprint on the beach -- once the waves roll in, the footprint goes away -- never to be found again -- except as a memory.

--steve buser


Rich said...

That's a beautiful photograph... The fleeting traces of our footsteps in this world.
Some very moving, melancholy words too... Beautifully demonstrating the need to grab the present by the balls and do exactly whatever it is that you need to be doing now, since tomorrow might never come...

Planet Earth Daily Photo

Jilly said...

Beautiful words, Steve, to go with a super photo. Life just whizzes by far too fast - sometimes there isn't even time to savour the memories. Slow down, slow down - has the world got faster, lately? I think it has.

Rich is right, grab the present and then you have the memories.

Lovely blog entry.

Mike said...

Going back to school. That's still true for me! Great post.

• Eliane • said...

Lovely text, Steve. I do like the foostep analogy. So perfect.
I used to be so excited when summer was over as a kid. Because I loved "la rentrée des classes" (back to school). So exciting: new books to buy, new pens, books to cover, new friends, old friends, new teachers, ... so much fun! Now I feel a little bit more like you: where did it go? I still had so much stuff foreseen for the summer and it is already over. Dang!

richard said...

Footprint is interesting because it is an example of an indexical sign. A sign is something that "signifies" something, in this case the presence of a human being (I guess!) and is also made by that which it signifies. Photographs are interesting as well, because many people argue that they are indexical signs - they are made by the light reflected from what they portray. So in this instance we have... ok, I guess I've gone far enough;) If anyone is interested check out he work of the American pragmatist Charles Saunders Peirce

Lynette said...

How wonderfully eloquent and insightful. Thanks for sharing because you've brought me some great memories.

Moi said...

i know what u a child i would never want summer to end because it meant summer vacations...but now the sooner it goes, the better i feel...we had such a lovely breezy Sunday was beautiful..i dont think i'm gonna miss summer not while in Florida :)