Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fly Da Flag

Where is this New Orleans flag flying? Obviously someone wanted to fly the colors and show their support for the city and the rebuilding. Maybe someone who escaped the flooding?

The flag flies directly across the street from the famous breach in the 17th Street Canal that flooded so much of the city. There wasn't much left that salvageable in this area as billion of tons of water cascaded down on the neighborhood smashing house after house.

Amazing to me.

Below is the newly replaced wall. It has been redesigned with new features and a flood gate to protect it from too much water in the canal. The new version provides vastly better protection than before.

--steve buser


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Steve,
Its indeed very intersting ( as you said on my blog, about 'Dutch architecture') to see that YOU and other blogpeople are all interested in many thing, thats what I like also, in your blog...about your story "why that flag" hung on that house and the meaning behind it.... Now I know.

Good that the new replaced wall is protecting from too much water... We are her in Holland very good in the waterworks its known all over the world, it would b good that no-one ever has to suffer from water-floods..

Have a good day and your blog is also VERY INTERESTING,

:) JoAnn

• Eliane • said...

Amazing indeed.

photowannabe said...

Let's pray it never happens again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

And Katrina was only a category 3, as I recall, and how do they think the new walls will hold up against something stronger like a category 4 or 5? I wonder if there is some way they can predict how good the walls are?

My photography over 50 years ago >Sendai, Japan

Moi said...

that's how the NO flag looks like...i had no idea. thanx for sharing....

and there are tropical storm warnings along the Gulf Coast....stay safe....we had our share of downpour last evening ....

Lynette said...

Your decision to make the all of the photo black and white, except for the flag, symbolizes to me that New Orleans returns out of the darkness that has been post-Katrina. In my heart, I pray every day for the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans, as well as other areas so devastated in 2005 by Katrina and Rita.