Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bird Pictures -- on the road to Serendip

Lafreniere Park in Metairie is one of my favorite place to shoot pictures of birds. The birds are somewhat tolerant of humans (the many children visiting with bread and other treats have taught them not to shy to far away). My other and perhaps most favorite spot is the rookery in Audubon Park in New Orleans. I'm still scouting for others.

One thing I learned about shooting birds -- don't be in a hurry. And, if you go to shoot an ibis and end up with a better picture of tri-colored heron, treat it as Serendipity (Wikipedia defines that as "the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.")

I think if we were more open to Serendipity this would be a better world. Read the Wikipedia article. You will find that Henry Walpole who coined the term in 1754 noted calls it "accidental sagacity (for you must observe that no discovery of a thing you are looking for, comes under this description)."

Serendipity for our lives has been stick'em notes, the slinky, small pox vaccine, xrays, penicillin, velcro, chocolate chip cookies, artificial sweetners, Viagra, teflon, gravity (remember the apple) and microwaves.

It is a total wonder to me that most accidental discoveries are never made because people are not in the right mind to receive them.

Wow, that's a long way from shooting pictures of birds isn't it.

The mind wonders.

--steve buser


Anonymous said...

I like your photograph of this bird, Steve.

I have never been to a zoo with a camera or to any other place where animals are kept for show. I don't know why.

IamtheMom said...

Dad, that picture is gorgeous. As a matter of fact, I might want a copy if you don't mind!

Hope said...

Serendipity is a good thing! So are your photos and writing! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

teahouse said...

Beautiful bird!

In my profession, I deal with the concept of serendipity on a daily basis. Maybe if I'm feeling daring I'll tell you what I do. Here's a hint: see that new movie "Spark of Genius"!

I love reading your site and feeling nostalgic about La...

Laurie said...

Serendipity is my favorite concept. What a great shot, Steve! And I just love your commentary.

Moi said...

Beautiful the made the most of them :)

and serendipity is a beautiful word......:)

Professor said...

I envy that you have have so many birds to choose from to photograph and this one is great- posing as you convince so many feathered friends, it seems.

And I live my life in a serendipitous fashion...

Wanda said...

I truly love all your pictures and your wonderful narative.

I agree Serendipity is a really good thing!

What a interesing post.... enjoyed it. I went over and met your daughter... she had a lovely post too.