Friday, October 17, 2008

Courtyards open to French Quarter's secrets

Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of busy and narrow French Quarter streets. Enter the world of the courtyard -- lush flowering garden surroundings which give a quiet and relaxed respite.

This isn't how the French Quarter looked originally. (See Sally Reeves' account in Home tours of the French Quarter (remember the Quarter is not just a tourist attraction but a residential area with private homes and shops) include unique views and history of the Quarter.

The creation of the Vieux Carre' Commission in the 1930's has led to the rebirth of the Quarter, whose history has had devastating fires and run down conditions. (The Commission's website notes that New Orleans was actually the first city in the U.S. to pass a ordinance creating a historic district -- creating the first Vieux Carre' commission in 1925. )

The history of the Vieux Carre' also has seen writers and artist such as William Faulkner draw inspiration from its ways.

If you are touring the city, the Quarter has so much more to offer when take time to learn about its history, by tours, books, websites, visits to the library or just asking a native.

--steve buser


Hope said...

Thanks for this insight into the French Quarter. Your photo makes me want to wander down that corridor and explore for a while.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely shot.