Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The massive love of Fleur de Lis

The envy of every New Orleanian is a collection of impressive Fleur de Lis. While this was true before Katrina. It seems to have multiplied after the storm as a symbol of pride in the city. You can have this massive Fleur De Lis -- the shot is in a window of an antique store down in the French Quarter.

By the way, browsing for antiques is a favorite pastime down in the Quarter.

--steve buser


Professor said...

Antique-ing is great fun- and this huge statue is certainly unique! wow!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look so old. I like the symbol and remember it used to appear in a lot of French manuscripts.

teahouse said...


Is that in a storefront on Royal Street? Ah, the memories of walking down that street.

Anonymous said...

We are locally owned and operated here in New Orleans and love the fleur de lis too! Please visit us at www.fleurdelisfashions.com.