Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hurricanes' leftovers being ground away

Some of the aftermath of Hurricanes Ike and Gustav showed up in large piles of fermenting mulching on the parking lot for the New Orleans Zephyrs baseball field.

SRS, the contractor for Jefferson Parish, was using this 80-tons-per-hour chipper to shoot the resulting mulch into about fifty 20-foot piles on the parking lot. It was one of three sites in the parish and one of dozens around the region, trying to eliminate the trash problems.

Fermenting? You didn't really notice it until you got close to the pile, but the smell was that sharp, sweet smell of fermenting biomass. The foreman at the site noted that the piles were being hauled away and would only be there a few days, eliminating the need to keep turning the piles.

And soon, evidence of the two storms, which only had a passing glance of a blow on the New Orleans area.

--steve buser


Anonymous said...

I would think that a local nursery would love to have that mulch. But maybe there is just too much of it for anybody to take.

Laurie said...

Wow, Steve. Yet another hurricane hassle I hadn't thought about before. Great shots of this.

New Orleans Eric said...

Great site. Just stumbled upon it tonite and will suscribe to it. may even put a link to it so my real estate clients can enjoy it as well.

Kelly said...

I am sure that somebody will put that mulch to good use. In a way, the silver lining (albeit a little sharply smelling) of the gray clouds. Having never experienced either a hurricane or its aftermath, this is just another piece that I hadn't considered.

Wanda said...

Funny, being from CA I never thought so much about this kind of "leftovers".