Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Light strings strung

For those of you who enjoyed the lights of Magazine Street, I bring you another shot.

--steve buser


Anonymous said...

Holy Toledo! I thought these were balls of string. And, as I look at them, I do see some string-like material. I would never have guessed, even in a dream, they were lights or street lights.

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Rambling Round said...

GReat photo. I love these lights!

poody said...

These are so cool. I saw someone on the HGTV try to make these and they failed miserably!

Kate said...

Eureka! What a find! They are truly beautiful, which gives me an idea to suggest for the September theme day--lamps (inside or outside).

Kekiinani said...

Whooooa!!! This is such a cool shot. Love those lights.. Must be fun to see them up close and personal!! :) :) Have a nice 4th of July. Aloha, Renee :)