Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pay no attention

We often go about hopping on the street car of life with no attention to what goes on around us. I love this spot of New Orleans -- it is down in the real scenic part of town at the foot of Canal Street. A lot of "stuff" comes together here that keeps it all going. Everyday, people pass up and down here and hop on street cars with no attention to that "stuff."

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad has a line that passes just behind this street car -- it brings trains from one side of town to the other -- serving the port and industry along the river. Entergy has a major power line that passes over head just above here. Immediately to the left of this picture is major substation that feeds electricity to much of downtown. To the right of this picture is the dock for the Algiers ferry and the New Orleans Aquarium. There is a walkway just to the left of this picture that takes you to the Riverwalk.

But to most folks, all these wires and tracks are pretty much invisible. We see what we want to see and disregard the rest.
--steve buser


Anonymous said...

Your picture of the street car brings back memories of world war two and the cars we rode in nearby dayton, ohio.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Jules said...

When I was a girl we had trams (street cars) in Brisbane but some visionless council decided to get rid of them much to the angrer of generations of people who had used them.

Melbourne still has them though which is great. However trying to drive in Melbourne is quite tricky with the different raod rules you have to use. Melbourne-ites can always pick the tourists!!!!

Tara said...

You're right, we do see what we want to see. I didn't recognize where this photo was taken until I read the description, and I know I've been down in that area lots of times...

Sunkyoung said...

I love trams! Coexistence of chromatic and achromatic colours does look fantastic. New Orleans is one of the destinations I'd love to visit in the States, besides NYC, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco.

Moi said...

Reminds moi of Tenneesse Williams and his play "a street car named desire"...wasn't Brando gorgeous in the movie???