Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Backstage along the river

This is just a little ways down the river from the shot yesterday. This river walk area is between the Mississippi River and the French Quarter. A lot of infraststructure in this area, yet they managed to keep it very scenic. Notice the three railroad tracks by the street car. In addition to the street cars, the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad runs along here.

Notice the wall behind the street car? That's the flood protection wall. "How can you protect from a flood with a big hole in the wall?" you ask. Look on the left side of the opening where the yellow signs are. If you look carefully, you will notice the wall is a little wider there. That's a flood gate that rolls across the opening on tracks. Fortunately it doesn't get used very often.

Next comes the parking area for the river walk, the Shops at Jax Brewery and the whole French Quarter thing. Your only a block or so from Cafe du Monde -- a required visit when you come to New Orleans -- for beignets and coffee.

Then you climb the steps up to the river walkway. (Feel free to step on the grass -- its a favorite spot for lounge for events like the French Quarter Festival.)

The tug boat is almost always anchored there -- I guess so it can be close at hand when it is needed.

Below, I just wanted to revisit yesterday's post. How do you get from where we were yesterday to where we are today? -- Through this passageway. Notice all the electrical apparatus? If you were walking through this passage, you wouldn't. You'd be oblivious to it all. Strange that we see only what we want to see.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post Steve. I can't get on the portal as it is still the same as yesterday. So I used your post from yesterday to get here.

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Jules said...

Very interesting as usual!!
I hate to ask Steve - but what is a beignet???

Scott said...

I lived three years in NOLA before coming to Orlando. Not once did I ride the street cars.

From the Aquarium to Cafe du Monde was one of my favorite parts of NOLA. They did do a good job of keeping your focus away from the "business" side of running and powering the area.

Steve Buser said...

beignets are essential biscuits, fried like a doughnut and covered in powdered sugar. A lot of companies make them these days, but in my opinion, no one has one to match the Cafe Du Monde -- it's a tourist spot and a spot for the locals right at the foot of Jackson Square opposite the St. Louis Cathedral.

isabella said...

Steve, was the flood wall in place before Katrina? Was it utilized? Successfully?

Which Main? What Cross? A Bangalore Photoblog said...

I love the composition! :) Nice