Monday, January 7, 2008

BCS Championship Crowds

The BCS game that LSU won tonight was a big event for the tourism industry in New Orleans. We caught this traffic jam of horse and buggies on St. Ann Street in the French Quarter on Sunday. The crowds were wall-to-wall on Bourbon Street and even some of the side streets. The party atmosphere was everywhere. We didn't make it down after the game, but I'm sure the merriment was even more massive.

--steve buser

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Lagniappe -- ( a little something extra )

Grandson Aullivan picks out his own Christmas presents for all the family. Each has a perfect story for the person he gives it to. This year, Papa got the perfect present.

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Rambling Round said...

Congratulations to your team on winning the BCS championship! We watched the game from beginning to end.

Anonymous said...

Well, Steve, a whole bunch of Buckeyes dropped a lot of loot on your city and came away broke. They lost the big one as you know. I got so disgusted I went to bed at 9:30 p.m. when LSU was ahead 14 to 10.

IamtheMom said...

GEAUX tigers! I couldn't be happier !

Chris said...

I agree with Abe!! I am not a happy Buckeye alum today. :-(

At any rate, I like the photo. . .At elast it shows red and not purple!

And, I've resolution tagged you. . .Check out my blog today for information.

Wanda said...

Well, my husband is from Ohio too, but we always enjoy a good game...and it was that!

That is a pretty interesting traffic jam...! :)