Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flaming the fans

We were talking the other day about the times of yore, when street lights and flambeaux were the only lights for the night parades as they inched their way through the tight streets of downtown. I remember back in the 60's they went through some French Quarter streets, but that ended in 1973, shortly after glass beads bit the dust and the first doubloons started flying (1970). In 1977, the first parade rolled into the Superdome, to continue it's celebration.

The flambeaux carriers would spin their flame sticks and dance to thrill the crowd and the crowds responded by throwing tips. Everything was close in, so the effect was magnified. Then, as a matter of safety, they went away -- their kerosene-filled, coffee-can fuel store was by today's standards a safety risk. Now, compact propane tanks and flares take their place -- the beauty of the flames dancing to the music is as real as ever.

--steve buser


Pat said...

What great colours! I'd love to visit your city someday.

I would certainly appreciate your posting a condolence message in my blogs today for the wife of a good blogger friend...


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Southern Heart said...

That is so pretty and dramatic, and with an interesting history, too!

TOG said...

I enjoyed the flambeaux when I studied dentistry at Loyola in the early 60's. But I also remember the doubloons that started in 61 or 62. When my dad studied dentistry at Loyola in the 30's my mom caught some wood beads. I saw them when they sold the homestead and they looked like something that you would buy and not something that you would catch.

Michele said...

How well I remember the parades in the 60's, when 'Throw me somethin, mista' didn't mean revealing body parts!! I miss home,,,

Cargosquid said...

Your blog makes me so homesick for New Orleans. I miss the old days of Mardi Gras so much. I remember watching those flambeaux. They were the best part of the parade. Glass bead were the second best.

Good times.

I've added your blog to my favorites.