Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mardi, Mardi tall and wide

Thought you might be interested in a little "behind the scenes" look at Mardi Gras in New Orleans-- how the crowds cope with this much excitement for this long.

Two things to note in the picture --(1) the line of ladders along the street and (2) the group sitting and socializing back behind the front line.

The picture in on St. Charles Avenue in the extra-wide median (it's wide because the street cars run down the middle). This wide stripe of urban territory -- we call them "neutral grounds" in New Orleans, not medians -- provides a great setting for a full day of parades. The parades follow each other from about 10 a.m. to well into the afternoon.

The ladders provide the ability to yell loud into the float goers face and be seen by the so that they will through copious quantitities of beads. I usually pick a position just under the front of the ladders and let the beads drop from the sky right into my lap. Maybe we'll come back and revisit the ladders another day, if we have time before Mardi Gras.

Meanwhile, the neutral ground provides space to set up chairs, blankets, tables, tents -- what have you. This is for your carnival comforts -- someplace to eat, grab a drink, watch the kids, chat a while, take a break -- your choice. Don't think though that because you sit back here, you don't catch the beads and trinkets they throw from the passing floats -- those come sailing high over the front line of ladders.

Second topic today, Award Time -->

Two City Daily Photo bloggers this week passed the "You make my day award" to me. It's really a nice honor and perked my day up (twice) -- I've been posting lately at night instead of early morning -- gets kind of quiet late in the night.

The two who sent me the award were:

Rambling Round at Selma Alabama Daily Photo and

Southern Heart at Good Abode--a Daily Photo of Memphis, TN, USA

I 'm a little slow at getting around to this -- mainly because its hard for me to juggle that many links. How many links? you ask.

Well, the award rules say: "Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."

So that means 20 very deserving bloggers are going to be getting this award. I know you will never have time to enjoy 20 blogs in one setting. So, I am going to space this out.

How does 4 a day sound? Good? Okay

Then here's the first four blogs you just have to check out because they "make my day."

Jules at Rabaul Daily Photo -- never heard of Rabaul? check out her blog and you be sorry you haven't been visiting all along.

Wanda at Brushstrokes from the Heart
-- not so much a City Daily Photo but her daily sharing will add joy to your heart -- she's a frequent commenter on a lot of CDP blogs.

Annie at Little Rock Daily Photo -- her daily world is full of stimulating visual images.

Abraham Lincoln at Brookville, Ohio, Daily Photo -- the absolute king of wild animal shots. The other day he had a couple shots of Bald Eagles.

Check back tomorrow for more.


Neva said...

Interesting behind the scenes shot.

Rambling Round said...

As they say, everybody loves a parade!

Wanda said...

Much goes on "behind the scenes". At a parade, in a church, in a home! You captured it well!

Thanks for the Award.. I'm twice blessed as Marie at Montpielier Daily Photo awarded me this last week!! You have made my day over and over Steve so thanks for the honor!

Southern Heart said...

I loved seeing the behind-the-scenes of the season, and also hearing about parade-watching on St Charles. We stayed a few times at that Hampton Inn on St Charles, and you made me "homesick" all over again. :) The Chamber of Commerce really should feature a link to your blog.

Moi said...

I am loving the Mardi Gras shall make up for not being there in person..for now!!!!!