Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I saw fish I tell ya

No 1. (right) --- "I'm telling you I saw fish. Get your sacs a yapping and stretching or you are not going to be ready. I'm not missing this. You guys just stand around it you want to."

No 2. (middle) -- " I don't see know fish. If you woke me up for nothing. I'm going to push you in the water under the ferry boat when it pulls up. "

The scene is down by the Canal Street-Algiers ferry landing in New Orleans where these guys (brown Pelicans) have become regulars of late. I think they have discovered that when the ferry pulls in and uses its propellers to hold it still against the current as it docks, it pushes a lot of good eats up stream. They lay around in a crouched position but get up and start yawning and stretching their necks as soon as the ferry boat gets near.

Check out this web site for some fun stuff you didn't know about Brown Pelicans -- including how they use their large gular sac.

-- steve buser
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Wanda said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha....Love the dialogue!

Reminds me of the birds in "Finding Nemo"

Pat said...

Oh, my! You've got the perfect text to go with the photo! I love it!!!

Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

Anonymous said...

The words are clever and the picture is nice too.

Jilly said...

You made my day, Steve. Love the dialogue and what a great photograph. Thanks also for the link. I remember the pelicans in Cairns, Queensland and see they would be different to your brown ones.

Gwen said...

Nice photograph and caption. Looks almost black and white except for a little color.

zentmrs said...

I like this photo a lot - the guy on the right made me laugh! Nice capture.

Moi said...

those yellow heads are cute......hope they found their fish!!!

GMG said...

Great picture and amazing text! Thanks also for the info on New Orleans Mardi Gras!

Kate said...

Beautifully clear photo.

Jana said...

The Pelicans are great!

Andrée said...

yawning? I thought he was hollering at the other. I am always amazed to find that birds yawn. Fantastic photo.