Friday, January 4, 2008

Shark blind

See level view
From the darkened "in camera" setting, visitors at the Aquarium of the Americas get an amazing view of sharks and other things that go swish in the dark. The huge shark tank setting, replete with barnacled replicas of drilling rig legs, is a favorite mulling area for visitors. So much so that there is a bleachers area just behind me where I took the photo, for sitting and watching.

The Aquarium, which lost all of its fish in Hurricane Katrina, is back up and running and full of sea creatures of all types as well as oohs and ahs from kids and adults.

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Wanda said...

How about having that Aquarium in your living room!

With all your pictures, I getting so anxious for my trip this month to the Aquarium in Monterey, CA.

Thanks for your comments on Aunt Cassie. She is truly a sweetheart.

photowannabe said...

I didn't realize that all the fish were lost from the hurricane. Its wonderful to see it up and running again.

Marie said...

I think it's great to know that everything is coming back to normal in New Orleans.

Bravo Steve, you found the solution to my riddle! It is called le Crayon (the pencil).

Lilly said...

I really liked the posts of the last few days. Lovely.

Neva said...

That is quite an aquarium!...sharks...the best way to see them is this way!

GMG said...

Great Aquarium series! And also a great sign that New Orleans is coming back! I wish I could find some time to get back...
Also loved your best photo post!
Enjoy the weekend!

Southern Heart said...

Steve, when I showed my son your previous Aquarium photo, he asked if it was up and running. Both of them are itching to have a visit to your city now...your blog must be very good for tourism. :) You really do capture so much of what is wonderful about your city and area.

Thanks so much for the link to your older post...that was fun! We should never lose that inner child.

kunal bhatia said...

aquariums can be so photogenic, with their light quality and all..great pic.
i wish mumbai aquarium was anything as beautiful as this :(
Mindless Mumbai

Anu said...

It's amazingly beautiful.
I saw the 'Underwater World' in Singapore and it was also beautiful with sting rays and other fish. We could touch the fish too, as in your earlier photo.
Great series of photos.
I too wish the aquarium in Mumbai is renovated soon and is as beautiful as this one.