Saturday, January 5, 2008

Come on, take a free ride

The eager winter group
Go ahead and say it and get it over with. 'Steve, there's something wrong with you. You must have gotten taken out of the cosmic oven way too early."

I admit it. I have a loose screw or too. One of them is ferry boats. I love a ferry boat ride. And when our grandchildren and daughter, Vicky, were in New Orleans a few days ago it gave me to opportunity to do what I love. Fortunately, they all loved it too.

The ferry from the foot of Canal Street over to Algiers was pretty full of pedestrians -- it being a holiday and the weekend of the Sugar Bowl. But, I was surprised at the number of people that did just what we did -- rode over to Algiers, and got right back on the ferry to come back. It's not the destination that counts it's the journey.

Here, the ferry goers were lined up along the sides as we cruised into the dock in downtown New Orleans. The trip over was punctuated with a passing cargo ship and tug pushing a load of barges down stream. All of which is just a distraction to the main event. To see downtown New Orleans grow taller and taller in front of you.

Best free ride in town.

Lagniappe -- ( a little something extra )

Close your eyes and dream, m'lady.

You will wake up in that dreamland. You will be in the 16th century and it will be a Royal dream, if I do say so.

How does that song go? "Lost in the 1600's tonight -- shoo do be do bop, shoo do be do bop."

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Rambling Round said...

Looks like fun to me!

Rich said...

Love this image. The colour folk queueing up to have a ride to understand what black and white is really about...
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Wanda said...

I've only been on one Ferry Boat, and I loved it....Would love to take another one, especiall if it's free!!!

zentmrs said...

Love the colors on this one!

Joy said...

I'm all for a good ride, Steve! Especially if it's free. Doesn't really matter what the weather's like, as long as it's not wet!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for your wonderful comments. Sorry if I wasn't able to visit you sooner - very very busy house hunting! Do visit again!

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