Sunday, January 20, 2008

Witness this

The Krewe du Vieux (pronouncd crew du voo) stumbled its way through the French Quarter spreading cheer last night. With mule drawn floats, about a dozen marching (jazz) bands, improvised costumes and smiles larger than their faces, the Krewe braved the freezing weather with little more than endorphins to protect them.

This is our favorite couple of doctors, but one look at their shirts will tell you why we cannot identify them.

The parade is kind of an informal start to the New Orleans parade season which runs almost nightly now through Mardi Gras on February 5. Of course, the parades spread far beyond the city --to almost every community around. Metairie for instance is a big center for parades. We'll see if we can fit time in to talk about that.

--steve buser

"You Make My Day" award

I'm trying to keep a pace of passing out four of these awards a day since I received two of them (see yesterday's post ) and they require passing the award on to 10 people. So that means 20 very deserving bloggers are going to be getting this award. I know you will never have time to enjoy 20 blogs in one setting. So, I am spacing this out.

The two who sent me the award were:

Rambling Round at Selma Alabama Daily Photo and

Southern Heart at Good Abode--a Daily Photo of Memphis, TN, USA

Today the award goes to

Moi at Not By a Long Shot -- her blog is always filled with colorful shots, from clever angles -- wonder light plays

Karola and Pimp at Wroclaw Daily Photo -- fascinating photos from a city rich in history. Of late they have been posting striking black and white photos. Put it on your favorites.

IamTheMom at CreasyVision -- this is my daughter and she shares her life and post pictures of the growing up life of the two more absolutely cutest kids in the world (our grandchildren -- Sullivan and Sophie)

I'm going to have to leave it at that for today, we have to run out.

Note -- the award rules say: "Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."

more to come...


New Orleans News Ladder said...

Add to that list: "1st On The Scene"!
I was waiting for the first picture of Krewe du Vieux's Magical Misery Tour and there you have it.
Right on, Noble Mon.

Thanks again
and again,
editor~NO News Ladder

Mo said...

GReat costumes,love the t-shirts.

Karola&Pamp said...

Thnak's for the award Steve.
You have received the "Make My Day Bloggers Award" from us! Check it out at my blog wroclawdailyphoto

elsa said...


Je vous ai donné le "Make My Day blogger Awards". Parce que votre blog est joli et exotique.

Jules said...

Hi Steve many thanks for the award - with the phone lines the way they have been (I have just got cut off again!!!)I need all the encouragement I can get.

Your blog has always been one that I have "looked up to" and used as a marker for my own. Your support has always been most appreciated. You make my day but I won't burden you with another - that will be another 10 you will have to give!!!

Southern Heart said...

SO fun...DH has me call him in now to see your photos each day. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish we had Mardi Gras in the same way you do. Here it is about eating.

Wanda said...

Could you send me the name of their "hairdresser"?

Very cute and "colorful" picture!! Love it :)

Jilly said...

This looks like the best fun evening, Steve.

Jose said...

I'm witnessing, I am witnessing.