Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boy jumps over cow jumps over moon

The story line is really very simple. The cow jumps over the moon; the boy jumps over the cow.

(I can't believe I actually used a semicolon. My former journalism professor would probably revoke my diploma if he saw that. I can hear him now. "Write like you talk. Did you ever hear anyone talk with a semicolon?")

I digress. Simple story line, but lots of fantasy and imagination makes it a full length afternoon at StoryLand in City Park of New Orleans. My grandson, Sullivan (he actually likes to be called by his self-chosen full name -- Sullivan Big Boy 4 Creasy --note: the 4 is for 4 years old) , is able to leap over moons and fly to all corners of fantasy in the nursery-rhyme re-creations of the park.

By the way, my apologies to Moi for my post yesterday that linked to her blog, "Not By a Long Shot." The link took you there okay -- It's just that I had the wrong title for her blog. I knew when I was trying to juggle getting 9 links into my blog, that I would probably let one hit the ground. Sure 'nuf.

Moi posts some pretty creative photos from her Florida home. Check it out.

--steve buser


Ft. Lauderdale Daily Photo said...

Very cute.

joy said...

Aaww. How cute! I thought the cow parade reached New Orleans.

Norwich Daily Photo

travelphilippines said...

thats a very unique experience. so cute.

• Eliane • said...

The title is as adorable as the picture, the moon, the cow and your adorable grandson. I applaude you for using a semicolon: they are underrated and it is time that someone rehabilitate them! ;)

Chris said...

I love it! Since my now-closed store was called Paper Moon, I have a soft spot for any moon photos!

BTW. . .I have tagged eight others!

julia said...

Great shot; endearing. Punctuation: go for it, its good for us.
I am letting the side down; I know it is worthwhile; but I cant handle tags just now. Am concluding blogging and am on a roll as it ends.

photowannabe said...

This is a cute shot and your grandson looks like he's having a ball.

lv2scpbk said...

This is so adorable.

Glenn Standish said...


Greetings from TORUĊƒ DAILY PHOTO here in Poland. Do pop in today as we have a special competition...about a donkey!!! There is a prize at stake!

Moi said...

whenever I come to your blog, I feel like we are having a converstaion, instead of me reading blog posts, Steve.....:)

the pic , the title, and the post made for an endearing of my friends graduated from LSU last year..she has some very fond memories of the place....:)

and no apologies please......I did take up the tag in my current post . thanks for thinking of moi :)