Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Mystery of the Live Oak Wool

Happy 1/2 birthday to me
Stop. Before we get started, let me take note. The Blog Archive list (just below labels) over there -->
tells me that I have now posted 182 times (this is 183). This is my half a year birthday for this blog. Wow. Quite frankly, I never expected it to last that long.

On to the mystery ..
Speaking of unexpected -- see the photo above? This was all over my hood when I woke up yesterday. It was the first real cool snap to dip into New Orleans and I guess that's a kind of signal to all the trees. These droppings are from an Live Oak Tree I park under. I've parked under oaks before but never noticed much of this, this....this.... oak wool, let's call it.

Anyway now I have a mystery on my hands. I've Googled it and best I can get out of it is that it may be a infection by some wool-sowing insect.

The thought plickens....

--steve buser


A couple of "color cutout" photos are must see today. (Note to myself -- learn how to do this) --

Sing sing for Bishop -- Rabaul Daily Photo
Scattered -- Stayton (Oregon) Daily Photo

and heres' a little hint of what posted today on Pixel Eyed :


• Eliane • said...

Hmm, nature can be so amazing. Cool pic.
And happy half anniversary!!!

Irredento Urbanita said...

Have a great 1/2 birthday photoblogger. Continue with your interesting photos

FC said...

I thank you for stopping by Digital Days. The aminus3 site is set up to show camera settings if one so chooses. About the 'tree' droppings, interesting, scary, sad. At first I thought it was cotton, (what do I know), but then read on, and see it may be an infestation,then followed the above emotions.
I like how you link to other photosites in your blog. Notice, I don't blog much anymore. I got too frustrated trying to learn all of this computing, camera, and digital stuff. So the blog got put to the wayside here.
'See'you around.. Thanks again for stopping by.

Marie said...

Was it on your hood or on your car's hood? :-))

Jules said...

You are lucky you get oak cotton - in Rabaul we get coconuts!!!

Thanks for the link - it has inspired
me to keep going when all I want to do is throw the computer over the veranda!!

Per Stromsjo said...

Interesting, never seen anything like it from an oak. Was it any trouble wiping it off? I guess not, this could be a nice change from what the birds usually leave on my car... I suppose the oak would disagree though.

Lynette said...

Steve, I'm glad I'm able to park beneath trees that only drop leaves and sometimes chestnuts. Were you able to get it off of the car easily?

Thanks for your comment about Sunday's post.

Your post about City Park and the magical memories you have is especially poignant. Thanks for sharing.

Celine said...

Happy 1/2 year birthday! That's a definite accomplishment. Congrats.

That is interesting about the "wool." I've never seen anything like it before.

And thanks for linking to my Scattered picture. That other one you've linked to is amazing. Thanks for bringing it to attention.

elsa said...

Joyeux demi-anniversaire! Et continuez longtemps comme ├ža! :-)

Wanda said...

I love the look of it. It really made a great photo. Hope you solve your mystery! In the meantime, we'll just enjoy the pix!

Roadrider said...

Wooly oak leaf gall is caused by a small parasitic wasp.