Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Destination: imagination

StoryLand at City Park in New Orleans was our destination this weekend with the grandchildren. Here, Sullivan studies intently how to drive a fire truck -- one of the exhibits.

The play land is filled with re-creations of Mother Goose stories and other bedtime tales.

Needless to say there was enough imagination flowing to fill several parks its size.

Where is this? Here

--steve buser


Mike said...

Looks like fun. Is that a red bus?

Rambling Round said...

Nothing more fun for a little boy than a fire truck!

Felicia said...

Stepping behind the wheel is irresistible! I climbed into the cockpit of a mini space shuttle last week at our Air & Space museum and let my imagination soar.

Clueless in boston said...

Hope he doesn't try this at home:)

Kate said...

It's kinda scary 'cuz it won't be long before he actually is driving!

Wanda said...

I want to be a kid again.....Fun, Fun Fun :)